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PLEASE refer to me as "oddballExtraordinaire" instead of the username I'm stuck with.
17 year old artist who has a dream to revive the early years of the internet.


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Welp, 2021, a vast improvement compared to the disasterous 2020. Crazy to think this year is over now as 2020 was incredibly slow compared to the year after that. Here is to hoping 2022 is equally as good as 2021, but before this year comes to a close, I figured I should give out my thoughts again like I did a year ago.

2021 for me personally is a mixed bag to be completely honest. Many things have happened to me this year. I began work on my biggest fanadventures, Oddventure and it's demo, I kept refining my artwork and made many new characters and concepts for my world, I made various new friends, I finally finished my trauma at school and moved onto college, I turned 17, I was introduced to Okegom, Danganronpa and some other things I find nifty, and just recently I began work on Quarrytrapped, my favourite adventure out of all the ones I made. Oh yeah, I finished the major flash for Homestuckbound and lost all motivation to animate in flash currently. TL;DR: A lot of things happened for me.

While there were many good things that has happened to me this year, a lot of bad things also happened. This is only the second year into the new decade, and the second half of it was me feeling the worst I ever felt in my life. I barely manage to get out of bed in the morning, I lost interest in drawing a lot of times during the halfway point of this year, I feel too shy to speak to anyone these days and I keep asking myself what I want to do with my life and if my dreams are even possible to achieve. Basically, depression finally struck me hard and even now, I still feel very unhappy. Part of why I'm feeling this way might be because I'm gonna become an adult next year and I'm afraid the harsh reality of this world may struck me down as I eventually need to find a job at some point, but another part of me strongly thinks it's because of the things I did in the past when I was a stupid kid and that I'm scared karma may strike me down when I finally accomplish my dreams or get close to achieving it.

I never did a new years resolution last year, but I feel like doing that. The thing I wish for 2022 are these two things: One, for me to make more art and draw more commonly compared to this year where I draw once every blue moon, and two, where I want to actually be happy, loosen from being an introvert, and to be a good friend to everyone. There may be a chance that the second won't happen, but I hope it does.

2022 is slowly around the corner, and I really hope things won't be as bad as 2020 and that things may continue to slowly improve. I really hope everything turns out well. (well unless karma crashes down on all of us again)

See you in 2022!

- [OE]

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